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Dutch Health Insurances


Dear expat, international,
Did you know that LoonZorg offers the best priced Health Insurance package in The Netherlands? We offer the mandatory ‘Basisverzekering’ of HollandZorg in a ‘No-Risk’ policy package without the compulsory excess (385,- euro) for just EUR 112 per month in 2021 (EUR 126,60 in 2022)!

If you work and pay income tax in the Netherlands in general (there are some exemptions) you are legally obliged to take out health insurance from a Dutch health insurer. An international health insurance or travel insurance is not recognised as a valid Dutch health insurance. It is your own responsibility to take out health insurance. If you do not take out health insurance not only you can expect to receive a fine but also you will have to pay all medical costs yourself when something happens to you.

The mandatory public health insurance is called ‘Basisverzekering’. The content or the coverage of the Basisverzekering is determined by the Dutch Government. The Basisverzekering generally covers (a part of) care by general practitioners, specialists and midwives, hospital care and medicines. Children under the age of 18 have to be insured as well but they do not pay a premium.

People pay a monthly premium to their health insurance provider. Although the content or coverage of the standard package (Basisverzekering) is everywhere exactly the same, the premium that health insurance providers ask may vary. These days it is hard to compare the premiums of health insurance providers because health insurance providers offer the Basisverzekering with different deductibles. Deductibles or excess (in The Netherlands called ‘Eigen Risico’) is the amount you will have to pay yourself before receiving reimbursement from the health care provider. Besides a compulsory deductible of 385,- euros, one can also choose for a voluntary excess (deductible/ ‘Eigen Risico’). The higher the voluntary excess the lower your monthly premium will be.
LoonZorg offers an unique ‘No Risk’ policy package to expats with, by far, the lowest possible premium for the Basisverzekering without having a compulsory excess/deductible/’verplicht Eigen Risico’! Not having to pay the ‘Verplicht Eigen Risico’ together with the low premium can easily save you more than 500,- euro a year.

The ‘No Risk’ policy pakage consists of the mandatory public health insurance (‘Basisverzekering’) together with a small additional insurance. On top of the coverage of the ‘Basisverzekering’ this policy package offers an extra coverage for:
– Emergency dental care in The Netherlands (200,- euro a year);
– Repatriation within geographical Europe and
– coverage of the compulsory excess

This ‘No Risk’ policy package is applicable for all expats that:
– Do not have a Dutch passport
– Have a working contract in The Netherlands / have a partner that is taking out the No Risk policy.

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Non-employed expat insurances
Expats that are not employed in The Netherlands and do not have a partner that is employed in The Netherlands in some cases do have to take out the Dutch public health Insurance. For example if the social security fees are being paid in The Netherlands in another way. At the website of the SVB people are able to do an online assessment in order to learn more about their personal situation. People that are not entitled to take out the Dutch public health Insurance are advised to take out an international health insurance policy or to take out a student Insurance policy.

Student insurances
International students that do not have a (part-time) working contract in The Netherlands besides their study cannot take out the public health Insurance. However LoonZorg offers 2 kind of student insurances that will make sure that you will be covered for healthcare expenses during your study.
Please be aware that as soon as you decide to accept a working contract during the year you will be obliged to take out the Dutch Public Health Insurance!
More information about the coverage of the student insurances can be found here