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About us

Welcome at the website of LoonZorg!

We at LoonZorg consider ourselves to be the leading provider of health insurances for internationals in The Netherlands. We offer:
– The mandatory public health insurance (so called ‘Basisverzekering’) for internationals that are employed in The Netherlands with coverage of the excess/deductible of EUR 385. Extra dental care and physiotherapy can be added to this policy;

– Private policies for international students that are enrolled at a Dutch High School/University;

– Private policies for internationals that neither are employed nor studying in The Netherlands.
With our services we intend to provide expats/internationals and their family members with the best suited health insurance during their stay in The Netherlands. We don’t only help out concluding a custom made health insurance but we offer a free helpdesk for all questions regarding your health insurance as well.

LoonZorg is intermediary for the health Insurance policies of HollandZorg and Citizens. Just like all intermediaries LoonZorg is under the supervision of the Authority Financial Markets (AFM). For more information check the website of the AFM
If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. In the meantime we wish you a pleasant and healthy stay in The Netherlands!