A list with highlights

  • For people between 15 and 29 years of age
  • Policies available as from € 24.50 per month
  • Flexible duration from 1 day to 5 years
  • Choice of insurance cover: healthcare, dental care and/or  Insurance Package
  • With or without excess/deductible of € 150
  • No coverage of pre-existing conditions
  • policy terms and conditions
  • coverage summary

Private Student Health Insurance

As an international student, you will not be eligible to take out Dutch public basic health insurance, unless you have a (parttime) job and you pay income tax and social contributions in the Netherlands. LoonZorg offers student insurance packages of OOM Insurance for students, internationals that do an internship and earn less than the minimum salary in The Netherlands or work as an au pair.

Please note that for non-emergency care a referral from a GP is required. For medicines the requirement of a prescription applies. Also important to know is that the student policies do not cover pre-existing conditions. 

Student policies are private policies and that is why they are restitution policies. This means that the care providers will not be able to find you in the Dutch care system. Invoices will have to be paid for upfront by the insured and can be claimed via the My OOM portal. 

As soon as a student will start (part-time) working in the Netherlands (there is an exception for internship programs), the employer will pay contributions towards Social Security. From that moment on, the student is obliged to take out Dutch public health insurance. In this case LoonZorg will be happy to help you switch your policy package to the best priced public health insurance policy. 

What does the insurance cover?

With the OOM Studying in the Netherlands Insurance you can choose what to insure. SOS insurance is always included. This covers the costs of repatriation (return to the country of origin) or evacuation if treatment is not possible locally and cannot be postponed.

The following types of insurance can be taken out:

1. Health insurance

  • Choose either standard cover or extended cover
  • A maximum amount or a maximum number of treatments may apply
  • Choice of excess: € 0 or € 150
  • Dental costs following an accident up to € 500
  • Standard dental costs up to € 450 (up to age 17)

What is not covered by the insurance?

Not all medical expenses are covered by the health insurance. Please check the policy conditions. For example, there is no reimbursement for:

  • pregnancy if you were already pregnant before you took out insurance, including in case of miscarriage or other complications
  • preventative medicine, chiropractor or manual therapist

2. Dental cover (18 years and above)

The OOM Dental Cover can be added to your healthcare insurance for standard dental costs up to € 350. No excess is charged for this extra cover.

3. Package insurance

A package with cover for:

  • household contents (up to € 5,000)
  • personal liability (up to € 1,250,000, no cover for damage to items such as those you are renting or leasing)
  • travel (excess of € 125 in the event of theft, loss or damage to luggage)
  • legal assistance (for claims over € 450)
  • accidents (payment on death € 10,000; on permanent disability up to € 75,000).

What is not covered by the package insurance?

The OOM Studying in the Netherlands Insurance Package does not reimburse all costs. Please bear in mind that:

  • household contents cover is only for the stated address in the Netherlands
  • legal assistance will not be received for events you were already aware of before taking out the insurance


For registration of the student insurance, please click on following link and fill out the online form:

Registration OOM student insurance