Health Insurance Policies

A list with highlights

  • No compulsory deductible/excess/’Eigen Risico’ of 385 euro
  • 200 euro coverage for emergency dental care in The Netherlands
  • All GPs and all public hospitals in The Netherlands covered / contracted
  • Invoices are directly forwarded to the insurance company
  • Coverage for repatriation within geographical Europe
  • This insurance can be cancelled on a daily basis
  • Is only applicable for expats
  • Extra coverage for dental care and physiotherapy can be added

Public health insurance Policy

As soon as expats/internationals start working in The Netherlands (except for internship programs), the employer will pay contributions towards Social Security. From that moment on, it is obliged to take out the Dutch public basic health insurance by the expat/international.
We at LoonZorg offer the mandatory Dutch public health insurance policy via the best priced No Risk policy of the insurance company HollandZorg. The supplement that has already been attached to the public health insurance within the No Risk policy provides people with extra benefits:

  • Coverage of the excess “Own Risk” (385,- euro)!
  • Coverage of emergency dental care to a value of 200,- euros per year
  • Coverage of repatriation within geographical Europe
  • Low premium 

The ‘No Risk’ policy has a 2022 monthly premium of 126,60 euro.

The only two requirements for this insurance policy:

  • People must have a foreign (non-Dutch) passport and
  • People have to be employed in the Netherlands or must have a partner that is already taking out the No Risk policy.

Since the Dutch public health insurance (usually) does not offer any coverage for physiotherapy and adult dental care we offer an extra supplement on top of the No Risk policy. This ‘No Risk III supplement‘ has coverage for 6 sessions of physiotherapy and EUR 250 of regular dental care per year.

Please find following link to the No Risk policy conditions: Policy conditions No Risk 2022 

Please find following link to the summary of the coverage of the No Risk I, II and III: No Risk I, II en III summary 2022

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