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Best Priced Expat Health Insurance

The ‘No Risk’ Policy Package

The general Dutch Basic Health Insurance 2017 (called ‘Basisverzekering’) doesn’t cover your first healthcare expenses of (a minimum of) 385,- euro (compulsory excess/deductible/’Verplicht Eigen Risico’). However LoonZorg offers the ‘Basisverzekering’ in a policy package without this ‘Verplicht Eigen Risico’. This ‘No Risk’ policy package is a taylor made expat health insurance package that easily saves you 500,- euro a year.

For this ‘No Risk’ policy package LoonZorg works with HollandZorg (ENO). HollandZorg created this special ‘No Risk’ policy package due to the fact that the average expat lives in the Netherlands on temporary bases and therefor has less health-care expenses than the average Dutch Person.

This insurance offers the following extra’s above the coverage of the Basic Dutch Health Insurance (‘Basisverzekering’):


  • No compulsory deductible/excess/’Eigen Risico’ of 385 euro (2017)
  • 200,- euro coverage for emergency dental care
  • Coverage for repatriation within geographical Europe
  • This insurance can be cancelled on a daily base
  • Is only applicable for expats



The ‘No Risk’ policy package is only applicable to expats (or their partners) that do not have a Dutch passport and that do have a working contract in The Netherlands. Not having to pay the ‘Verplicht Eigen Risico’ together with the extra coverages makes this policy package, by far, the best priced health insurance in The Netherlands.
The ‘No Risk’ policy package can be concluded for just 97,03 euro p/m (2017).

Please be informed that at the end 2016 the Dutch Government has decided to no longer allow the coverage of the voluntary excess as per 2017. However the coverage of the mandatory excess will still be approved.
People that concluded the No Risk policy of HollandZorg in 2016 found themselves covered for both the mandatory excess as the voluntary excess. In 2017 only the first care expenses of 385,- of the mandatory excess will be covered by this policy.
Despite the fact that the No Risk policy will still be a very attractive policy, LoonZorg would like to inform you about the possible consequences:
HollandZorg informed us that people that exceed the first care expenses of 385,- euro will be sent an invoice in 2018 for the care expenses above the 385,- in 2017. The invoice will have a maximum of 500,- euro which is the voluntary excess.
Person x has to be treated in the hospital in 2017 and the bill will be 400,- euro. Around February 2018
HollandZorg will send this person an invoice of 15,- euro.
Please be reminded that if you do not feel comfortable with the changes in this policy, it can be ended on a daily base.

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Please find next link to the policy conditions of the public health Insurance (‘Basisverzekering’) in English. Your policy conditions explain in detail what is covered, and under what conditions. For some types of treatment, there may be a cap on the number of sessions covered. Or you may be required to pay part of the cost yourself. That’s why you should always read your policy conditions closely.

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